About Us


A Healing Collective is a group of independent practitioners who practice the healing arts in the context of community. In 2006 we came together envisioning a place to fulfill our purpose to offer our services and educate the public.

We are a circle community, peer-led and spirit-centered. Acknowledging our individual gifts, we share leadership and work towards manifesting our global vision of healing. We opened our doors to the community on May 1, 2006.

Advisory Committee
Martha Hansen Fertman
Raye Lynn Rath
Diane Wardell

Our Mission Statement

Create Healing Space
We create space where healing occurs, for our clients, ourselves, and the community at large.

Recognize the Inner Healer
We recognize that within every person is an inner healer, and given a safe and nurturing environment, the inner healer works for the highest good of the individual and the community.

Create Unity within Diversity
We acknowledge and respect that each member of A Healing Collective has a unique set of gifts, and we work towards unity within our diversity.

Integrity in All Things
We work with integrity for the highest good of all.